Social Media Marketing For Engaging Customers Online

The global digital landscape is undergoing rapid change with every passing day. With more people becoming active on the internet and increasing their time spent on social media, marketers are looking for expert assistance in engaging their existing and prospective customers on social media. Carnival Digital Media is a leading social media agency in Mumbai which creates engaging social media engagement campaigns for premium brands across all major business segments, in both English and Hindi languages. For reaching potential customers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India, marketers are now looking at agencies which possess the expertise to create original and persuasive content in Hindi.

The four key elements of successful social media marketing can be broadly classified as:

  • Social Listening

Social Listening involves searching and monitoring social media conversations for mentions of brands, products, services, questions or other relevant keywords, for expressly identifying and understanding conversation trends and patterns. Social Listening can be done both manually and through specialized software.

  • Engagement through Content Creation and Marketing

Content Creation refers to the creation and curation of original, persuasive and compelling content in the form of written text, graphics, photographs, slideshows, videos and more. This content is then dispersed throughout the social media landscape through multiple targeting parameters as per the specific target audience requirement of each brand, for achieving the objectives of Reach, Engagement, and Conversion, with customized call for action for each objective. This process of targeted content dispersion is called Content Marketing, which includes organic and paid promotion on leading social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Google Plus.

  • Managing Response from Existing & Prospective Customers

When a brand decides to come on social media for engaging their existing and prospective customers, it is exposed to both positive and negative comments from satisfied and dissatisfied individuals. Managing response to comments from such individuals is an important function of social media marketing and calls for tremendous maturity and restraint on part of the response team.

  • Measurement and Analytics

Measurement and Analytics refers to the capture and analysis of all data related to every aspect of social media marketing. This includes data on ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’, ‘Shares’, ‘Retweets’, ‘Views’ etc. Measurement and Analytics should be regularly applied to all elements of social media marketing for understanding, improving and optimizing the effectiveness of the social media campaign, both in terms of cost, reach, engagement and conversion.

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