How to Use Hashtags on Every Social Media Network

Hashtags on social media are used to draw attention, promote a product, events, or to organize a campaign. Any social media user will tell you how much it has influenced them in finding all the latest news and updates from their social media page.  The most recent trending on Facebook, the most popular Snapchat filter, and the much talked about hashtags on Twitter is how people are communicating in this digital era. Speaking of hashtags, it is a social way to tag a post with a keyword or to highlight the most searched word in the social media platform.

But many people don’t get this simple thing right and end up using any random words as a hashtag, leaving the audience and followers confused. So to those who are still confused about this pound symbol, here are some ways on how to use hashtags on social media.

Hashtags on Facebook: Hashtags on Facebook turn topics into clickable links. You can find similar post and topics by using a # with the word on the search bar. When you click on a hashtag, all the similar post will be seen on a feed which has the same #. You can use a hashtag on Facebook by writing a single word with no space.

 Hashtags on Twitter: The most popular site where hashtag first found its place is from Twitter. The hashtags on Twitter are often based on popularity, and it appears on the left side of the screen, with the most popular trend taking the first place. From events, social campaign, occasions, and promotions, one can click on the # trend and find out what going on and join the conversation.

Hashtags on Instagram: After Twitter, the next social site where hashtags find its popular space is on Instagram. The hashtag on Instagram can be used to expose your brands to a larger targeted audience. It can also help you attract new followers, likes and increase engagement. You can use hashtags on Instagram to promote a campaign or used them as a way to communicate with similar # users.

Hashtags on Pinterest- Hashtags on Pinterest are only clickable on pin description; it is not searchable so to find the similar image you should use the keyword instead.

Use hashtag only when it is required else your content may look confusing. Or use it only when you wish to connect your conversation with your audience and followers.

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