How to Use Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

If your business is looking for more leads, Facebook Ads for Lead generation is one thing you must consider. With a various Facebook lead generation techniques in this blog, you will learn the art of generating fresh and qualified leads for your business.

There are a few things you must consider to get the best leads in the firm, especially when you are generating leads with the help of Facebook Ads. To get started you need to target the audience. Facebook Ad Targeting creates sound ROI. Because if you don’t intelligently target the audience, your money might go in vain. You can target the existing customer base as well as the ones who are related to your posts in some or the other way.

Here is the strategy you can use to generate Facebook leads;

Strategy – Target Audience with Similar Interests

Lookalike audiences are only available with a plugin Power Editor by Chrome or a 3rd Party Facebook Ad Platform that takes your imported list of previous customers and finds similar Facebook users.

As we know that Facebook Ads can be targeted not only at your existing customers but also at other Facebook users who are incredibly similar to them on their shared demographics, interests and categories, this creates more opportunities for generating leads.

Lookalike audiences help in getting a wider reach instantly.

Here’s how you can DIY the Facebook lead generation:

Import a list of your business’ current customers, leads, or CRM into your Facebook Ads tool. This will create a custom audience for your Facebook Lead Generation.

Click “create similar audience” on the audience highlighted. Facebook users who have similar likes as your business’s preferences but are unfamiliar with your company are now your actual audience. This is how you create a whole new list of an audience to help you generate lead with Facebook.

You can try by targeting a Facebook Ad promoting a contest or eBook to this new audience.

The new list of an audience can also be called a Lookalike audience of your original list and targeting them will increase the return you get on Facebook Ads substantially. This can be achieved as you target a small group of users, which means your cost-per-click or cost-per-impression is low and as the high click-through-rates per 1000 views will make more conversions for every rupee spent.

These are a few ways in which you understand how to generate Facebook leads. If you want us to help you get more leads, drop us an email with your requirements at, and we will get back to you with the best solution.