How to Trend Your Hashtag on Twitter

Many things determine whether a hashtag will trend on Twitter or not. A few trend because the account has a large number of followers and the chances of the same hashtag being used by their follower increases, while some hashtags trend because it is a piece of news and is being talked about. To trend your hashtag on Twitter, use the tricks mentioned below;

1)    Large Number of Followers

Many accounts which have their hashtags trending on Twitter have at least 50,000 followers. Which means, to have a hashtag trending you need to have a huge follower list. This large number of follower in your twitter account can help you to trend a hashtag. For example, when you have a large number of followers, and you keeping talking about one hashtag at one time, the chances of your followers using the same hashtag increases – this is what helps in trending a hashtag with the help of tweets and RTs.

2)    A Good Hashtag Matters

Creating a good hashtag is an important aspect while trending it on Twitter. You can make it interesting and distinct. For example, UberFacts used a hashtag #UberFactsTo6Million when they were about to reach 6 million followers. This example makes it evident that a tweet should be interesting as well as particular so that the hashtag trends on Twitter.

3)    Take help from influencers

If you are aware of influencers who have a large follower list and can help you to trend your hashtag, take their help. Once these influencers start tweeting about your hashtag, people will come to know that something interesting is coming up and will look up for it on the search engines. This can also make them use the same hashtag and talk about your trend. This is one of the ways in which Twitter trending works.

4)    Ask for Tweets & RTs

Your content should ask people to tweet and retweet on the same original tweet to excite people and hence make them participate in what you have to offer. For e.g. when you tweet with the hashtag you want to trend, make it interactive.

5)    Why Would They Tweet or RT?

You must give a reason to your audience to use your hashtag and keep tweeting and retweeting your tweets. Your hashtag should attract more people and hence make it a trend.

These are some of the ways in which you can trend your hashtag and improve your brand’s Twitter marketing. Need any help in making your brand or cause aware on social media with the right Twitter trending? Contact us at

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