How to Trend your Video on YouTube

With hundreds of videos being uploaded every minute and billions of hours of content being watched every day on YouTube, it has become the world’s largest video sharing website. A single digital quality video has the potential to deliver your message more powerfully on social media, than multiple static posts or a text article. However, merely uploading a video is not enough. It is important that the video should start trending and gain traction, by reaching out to maximum viewers.

Making a video viral so that it starts trending on YouTube in shortest possible time requires following a detailed process. We outline some key mandatory steps on how your video can start trending on YouTube:

  • Begin with keyword research

Evaluate keywords potential by using the Rank Tracker tool, which will give you detailed information on keywords for your YouTube videos. The number of views, length of watch time, rating and comments play an important role in pushing your video to the top of the search result page.

  • Optimize the video file name

Before you upload the video on YouTube, it will have an auto-generated title something like “”. You must rename the video using those keywords that describe the video in similar words as the title. For example, a video featuring how to bake a cake should be renamed something as “bake-cake-tutorial”.

  • Use the right keywords in the title

Be smartly descriptive in writing the title of your video. You must add words like “official” or “new” to the video title to give it more credibility.

  • Shoot mobile friendly videos

Majority of your potential customers will view your video on their mobile devices, which means your screen size is 3.5 to 5.5 inches. Include more close-up’s so that the faces of your characters are comfortably visible to them on their small screen. Avoid long shots for establishing location or surrounding. Also, keep your videos short and crisp, as users see the entire video only if the length does not dissuade them. Your objective is to ensure that maximum users see the entire video.

  • Write an effective video description

Write an effective SEO friendly description for your video in a minimum of 300 words, packed with keywords phrases related to your category, product, and brand.

  • Add proper and relevant tags

You must add proper and relevant tags (keywords) when uploading your video. Tags help YouTube’s algorithm in understanding what exactly is your video all about and on what keyword and phrase searches it should be served to the user for viewing.

  • Cross page promotion

Promote your videos on pages where your target audience is most like to spend time. This will increase the viral views of your video and it will start trending on YouTube.


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