How To Achieve 1 Million Views on YouTube

Every minute hundreds of videos are uploaded on YouTube. Every individual or corporation who upload their videos on YouTube wait for the day when their video will touch the magic views figure of 1 million! However, achieving a viewership of 1 million on YouTube requires systematically following a steady process. We offer YouTube Marketing Services in Dubai. Here are the critical steps required to push your YouTube video to the coveted 1 million views mark.

  • Create content that your audience will like and share

It all begins with awesome content. You must research what kind of content is popular within your target group. Study what genre of content is being liked, subscribed and shared by the audience whom you want to reach. Make your content unusual, interesting and innovative so that users are motivated to share your video.


  • Engage actively with your followers

‘Comments’, ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ are benchmarks on which YouTube bases the search rankings. Engage actively with your followers by replying to their comments and building a conversation. This will motivate other users to start commenting on your video and will create a chain reaction of comments, replies, and counter comments. It is this active conversational engagement which triggers YouTube’s algorithm into considering your video as “popular” and thus worthy of being pushed up in the search results.


  • Optimize Search Engine Optimization to increase visibility and searchability

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. Begin with intensive research of keywords which are searched most by your target audience. Rename your video with a valid and keyword-integrated title, rather than retaining the dynamic file name given by YouTube. Your video title must be within 70 characters (including spaces), with the right keywords inserted strategically. You must also write an SEO friendly description for your video. While YouTube allows 5,000 characters (including spaces) for the video description, you must include the right keywords in the first 180 characters of the description, so that the search engine can pick them up. Add a “Show More” link at the end of the 180 characters description. When users click on this link, they can read the remaining video description.

Our expert Social Media Optimization team will make your video reach the 1 million views in shortest possible time through advanced optimization techniques. We offer YouTube Marketing Services in Mumbai, Delhi, and Dubai.

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